We’re offering more than 35 tutors who are school teachers or students from varieties of excellent universities with teaching certificates and long-time experience as full time or part time tutors. The Talking tutors are all featured with engaging, lively and enthusiasm while keeping observant on students’ requirement.

Some of them shared their feeling of becoming a Talking tutor below.

Megan Mackellar

I am so thankful that a recruiter contacted me regarding the position. I had been looking for a part-time teaching position for six months. The biggest issue that I was running into was time. I work full-time and am in graduate school. HAMDEN EDUX’s Talking program allows me to work with international students around my schedule and at home. I didn’t know what to expect working with an international program, but HAMDEN EDUX has exceeded any ideas that I was prepared for. My first session, trying to connect with a student, had several technical difficulties. Within minutes I was receiving phone calls helping me navigate the issues. This is just one example of how prepared and service driven the company is. My experience with the students has been amazing. They are motivated, which makes it very easy to work through the subject matter and expand on it to ensure that each session is an hour long. In addition, the HAMDEN EDUX’s Counselors are extremely organized, respond quickly to questions, and the payment is weekly. This is a great program to gain experience teaching with other cultures around your schedule. 

Francisco Arzuza

Hamden EDUX has been the best example of seamless ways to provide services and at the same time creating an environment of trust and camaraderie. Our customers know that they will get professional and up-to-date products and the greatest experience from both our teaching and administrative staff.  

As a teacher I have enjoyed thorough information on overall goals about our students.  Prompt responses on new and current students as well as an unmatched flexibility on schedule changes. I have also seen how our customers relate on a first name basis with our coordinating staff making the flow of information thrive on confidence and customer satisfaction.

It is without a doubt a wonderful experience to be part of this organization and we hope you join us on a wonderful journey to enrich all your linguistic goals.

Gina Bollito

Hi there,  

My name is Gina and I am a 23-year-old University graduate from Chicago, Illinois, USA. The choice to work as a Talking Tutor with HAMDEN EDUX was one of the best decisions I have made. Let me tell you why.  

As an educator who takes great pleasure in providing quality services for English Language Learners, I feel prepared and optimistic with each Talking Tutor session. This is because HAMDEN EDUX has outstanding Talking Topic materials which acts as a guideline to enhance student’s expressive and comprehension needs.  

Currently, I work with four students, or as I like to call them friends. Each has their own unique personality and expressive style. This is the fun part when I get to be creative while cultivating a stimulating, yet appropriate conversation. The conversations are culturally and linguistically enriching for both the student and I. Each session always seems to end too soon; we could talk for hours.

To communicate is to care, share, and connect with each other. So, the goals for my student’s are based on that philosophy. To see them achieve higher levels of English proficiency is especially rewarding. I am proud to work for HAMDEN EDUX!

Aria Davis

When was an exchange student, I moved to Italy without knowing any words in Italian apart from “hello”, “goodbye”, and “thank you”. I jumped into the language head first and never looked back. Making mistakes and mispronunciations became an occurrence that happened in almost every sentence I spoke. I am lucky that my host mother encouraged me to speak freely even though I made many mistakes. It took me about 4 months to communicate in and understand Italian and within 6 months I was fluent. Once I was confident in speaking, it was easier for me to correct my mistakes. 

In my time as a tutor at HAMDEN EDUX, I have found it incredibly inspiring to be able to work closely with the students through their growth of proficiency in English. I think that forming a connection with the student is important to be able to make the student feel more comfortable speaking the language and to make mistakes. My main goal as a tutor is to be able to inspire and promote confidence in the student while they are speaking English. Grammar mistakes and mispronunciations are going to happen while learning a new language and it is important not to discourage the student.

I feel that I have already seen my students grow and feel more comfortable with both, me and the language.

How to be a talking tutor?

Please email your resume with contact to hire@hamdenedux.com