This course is designed specifically for students who are preparing to interview with a school in the US. It will walk them through the interview process, and help them to thrive in their interview. 

Laurie Johnson: “I believe there is no greater joy than having the opportunity to make a difference in a child's life. Tutoring International students through Hamden-Edux has given me that joy. I have developed friendships with the students and many of their parents that I hope will continue for a lifetime. Hamden-Edux has created a caring and flourishing atmosphere that has proven to be beneficial for both the student and the tutor. I desire to instruct and encourage with compassion and understanding all students who are entrusted with me. I look forward to seeing the growth of the International students as they prosper with education in their individual journeys.

Kathy Merman: "I have loved working with the Hamden students! They enrich my life, and I believe they teach me as much as I teach them. I never feel more fulfilled than when I finish working with one of my students from China because they are eager to learn, respectful, and very intelligent!"