HAMDEN EDUX seeks to support its international students in a variety of ways. The students' native/biological family and HAMDEN EDUX counselors support the student before they have departed for the U.S. Host families, schools, HAMDEN EDUX advisors, and program directors support students after they have arrived in the U.S. 

Program Structure

1.Host families welcome a student into their home and support their daily activities. They also participate in community activities with other HAMDEN EDUX host families.

2.Advisors search for and match host families to students, then provide ongoing support to the students, host families, and private school international liaisons.

3.Schools provide students with academic support and extracurricular opportunities and are supported by HAMDEN EDUX advisors and counselors.

4.Counselors counsel students and parents about school selection and matching. They provide orientation and all-around support for the student. Counselors also support schools with the admissions process.

5.Native, or biological, families support students by paying for their tuition and program fees, preparing for their departure, and keeping in touch with students while they are studying in the U.S.

6.Program Directors work with partner schools to develop their international student programs. They provide insight and accountability to advisors and counselors to ensure students are safe and happy.