Camp Stonewall (CSW)

Camp Stonewall is a co-ed sleepaway camp in the northeast corner of Connecticut. And we've got a secret for you: a summer here is one child will never forget. We trust our campers with the independence and responsibility of choosing their activities every day. We empower them to contribute to a community of young people that values respect, loyalty, and enthusiasm. We challenge them to try as many new things as they can within the safe, nurturing environment of camp. In short, kids are awesome - we just give them the space to be themselves. Camp Stonewall offers choice-based activity programming every day. For each activity period, kids will be able to choose between several options - a mix of sports, arts & crafts, dance, music, and drama activities. Besides, 3-day weekend S.W.A.T. trips explore exciting New England attractions. Whether you're considering a week, a few weeks, or a whole summer at Camp Stonewall, welcome to learn about this spectacular place.

Global Leadership Summer Symposium (GLSS)

Global Leadership Summer Symposium in Vermont is designed to provide students the opportunity to experience our rigorous academic, athletic, and residential life, while also increasing their leadership skills through hands-on learning activities. With plentiful academic courses as ESL course, painting, photography, etc. and multiple athletic activities as tennis, soccer, swimming, etc. students would know more about American culture and life. In global leadership workshop, students will experience interesting outdoor activities, public speeches and thematic debates, which will help prepare them for life, as well as meeting the challenges of the 21st century. Each student will be challenged to take a leadership role with continuous feedback and support from teachers and fellow students. Students will build confidence, gain leadership abilities, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and had better understand globalization.

Maryland Leadership Workshop (MLW)

At MLW, we believe that everyone has leadership potential. Our week-long residential programs allow middle- and high-school students to immerse themselves in all aspects of leadership. MLW delegates discover and develop their own unique strengths in daily workshops, practice their leadership skills in team projects, and are mentored by our skilled staff to find their passion, their voice, and their path.

The Maryland Leadership Workshops staff, the majority of whom were once delegates themselves, train and prepare for hundreds of hours over approximately eight weeks for our programs. From the moment they are hired, staff work on curriculum, project plans, and workshop ideas. An important feature is incorporating feedback from previous program participants as well as senior staff who come from fields of education, social work, engineering, law and management. This iterative process and a strong commitment to staff development instills a passion and commitment to MLW that is truly inspiring. The result: a life transforming experience for all involved.

Talent Search Camp (TSC)

Talent Search Camp (TSC) is part of a partnership with America's HAMDEN EDUX, the Center for Gifted Education at the College of William and Mary, and excellent regional campsites in China. Together, this partnership creates a program which picks out talented primary and middle school students through an assessment. TSC is a member of the American Camp Association and China Camp Education Alliance.

At TSC, campers have an opportunity to study challenging STEM, visual arts, language and culture curriculum with peers of similar ages. Students will experience Project Based Learning, an internationally renowned teaching method. They can participate in various leadership activities, American camp activities, camp-wide activities, as well as experiential travel. From each activity, students will stimulate their study ability, develop a range of interests, increase their knowledge, and strengthen their international competitiveness.

In addition, following America's Kindergarten-Grade 12 Gifted Program Standards, teacher records, and analysis of each camper's performance, TSC will issue a comprehensive report which includes a recommended plan of action to further develop the camper's talents and abilities.