Talking Program is a 1-1 online blended virtual course, intending to develop the students’ English communication skills and critical thinking. Students can choose a wide array of topics tailored according to their interests, academic needs, personal understanding, etc. The topics range from Passion for learning, Travelling, Interest and Talent to Humor, Satire, & Irony in the U.S.A., Inspirations, Goals and Ambitions, Use of Humor, to other fascinating, stimulating and thought-provoking subject matters.


Talking works with more than 300 Chinese students (from 6th to 12th grade) in helping them acquire linguistic mastery and competency in English, and those who are also planning to apply for the HAMDEN EDUX PSP Program. 


Talking offers both online and offline course preparation and practice. In order to maximize fully on the benefits to be derived from each class, the following steps are quintessential: 

  1. Students need to familiarize themselves with the assigned topic, to be discussed in the class, in order to actively participate in the lesson; 
  2. Prior to the beginning of all tutoring session, students must log into their Skype/QQ/WeChat account to meet with their assigned tutor;
  3. Tutors will then engage students in brainstorming and debating activities; 
  4. Students will provide oral responses applicable to the discussion topic;  
  5. Students will be provided with weekly feedback on both class and homework assignments from their respective tutors.