About GEL

Global Experiential Learning Program is the process of learning through participation in high-quality global experiential learning activities, which assist students in developing global perspectives, training intercultural competency, and experiencing the oversea life in global environments. It is a great opportunity for kids and teenagers to experience a wide range of physical, educational, recreational and spiritual activities.

Our Mission

The program is designed to prepare students for that all-important next step both academically and socially, paving their way for a successful school and society life. Through the program, students will expand their worldview, meet new people from all over the globe, gain valuable knowledge and intercultural skills, build fluency in a foreign language, gain a new level of confidence, and be amidst world's most vibrant and historic cities. The program will enable the young bright minds to explore their potential among a community of supportive peers and advisors.

Our Resources

International Camp Organizations, with a mature system that provide outdoor education and recreation experiences for tens of thousands of participants each year in their own bases which spread all over the world.

Academies and Universities, offer a variety of programs of varying lengths and interests in their own campuses, mainly enroll local students but also absorb within 20% international students to join them.

Individuals, work with HAMDEN EDUX, customize unique courses and activities for the students, specifically designed and resourced to look after community groups and school groups.