Hosting Application

Here are the steps into HAMDEN EDUX host family

Step 1  

Step 2  A brief phone screen

Step 3  A short home visit

Step 4  A background check (at no cost to you)

Online application is intended to solicit your basic information of members in your household and your expectations.

Phone screens, which can be completed before or after an application has been submitted, provide our staff the opportunity to speak with you in person to learn more about why you are seeking to host a student as well as to answer any questions you may have regarding your application. 

After you have completed both an application and a phone screen, one of our local staff members will visit your home for a brief tour and in-person interview.

Upon completing your successful site visit, HAMDEN EDUX will run a criminal background check for all of the adults in your home (at no cost to you). Once this background check is completed, you will be officially offered membership into the HAMDEN EDUX family!