We’re offering seven kinds of courses tailored by a group of professors who engaged their studies into the Chinese students of various English periods. Each course has 20 topics with each topic provided for the brainstorming and debating during the class. Below are the topic examples of each course.

(TBD_Junior Level) Topic-based Discussion Course

Topic1 Keeping Fit

Topic2 Food—Food Names

Topic3 Travel—Making Friends

Topic4 Sports —Soccer

Topic5 School Life —Slang

(TBD_Senior Level) Topic-based Discussion Course

Topic1 Why are Geeks So Chic?

Topic2 My Victory Against Fear

Topic3 Thanks a Million,Dad

Topic4 School Phones Ban

Topic5 Are Looks really All Matters

(CAI) College Application Interview Course

Topic1 What do You Need to Know About the School Before the Interview

Topic2 What do You Have that Others do Not?

Topic3 How to Impress the Interviewer

Topic4 How to Make UP for Weaknesses

Topic5 Mock Interview

(HSAI) High School Application Interview Course

Topic1 Describe Yourself

Topic2 Tips for an Interview

Topic3 Introducing Your Current School

Topic4 Interest and Talent

Topic5 People Around You

(ACE) American Culture and Etiquette Course

Topic1 Meeting a New Friend

Topic2 Food in the U.S.A.

Topic3 Planning an Activity with Friends

Topic4 Advocating for Yourself at School

Topic5 Humor, Satire and Irony in the U.S.A.

(PS) Public Speaking Course

Topic1 How to Prepare Presentations?

Topic2 How to Present Facts?

Topic3 Do Tell Stories and anecdotes

Topic4 Persuasive Word Choices

Topic5 How to Sell New Ideas and Visions

Taking Kids

Topic1 Who am I?

Topic2 I love My Family

Topic3 Friends are Great

Topic4 I am A Student

Topic5 I Like doing This