Become a Host

Hosting an International Student

HAMDEN EDUX believes the host family is an essential component of a student's cultural understanding and language acquisition in a new country. By saying "yes" to the experience and being open-minded in understanding that families come in all shapes and sizes and that students come from different countries, we can foster a global understanding through the cross-cultural exchange that takes place between a student and family.


HAMDEN EDUX guides host families throughout their time hosting a student. While hosting a student, host families can expect:

A dedicated local advisor to assist host families with issues, check-ins and always be a phone call away if needed

A monthly financial stipend to cover the cost of the international student’s living, food, entertainment, etc

HAMDEN EDUX screens students prior to placement, ensuring a high-quality match

Students are able to speak and understand English well enough for everyday communication

Monthly communication with HAMDEN EDUX

How to Host

It is simple to participate. We seek regular families, of all sizes and beliefs, who are willing to open their lives, hearts, and homes to international students.

Host Families provide:

Room and board

A safe environment

Monthly residential assessments to the native family of students

Loving parental guidance

Transportation to and from school if possible

HAMDEN EDUX students come to the U.S. with their own:

Spending money

Medical insurance